Kaigen Seito translation released

Hi, warriors.

Rejoice, as the complete translation of Kaigen Seito is released.

Kaigen Seito is a VN minigame with RPG elements set after the events of True Kaigen ending of minigame Kaigen’s ambition.

Unfortunately, the game has no voices and I failed to insert voices from Kaigen’s ambition(there is a recap of KA events so I thought I could just use them in a script, but alas) so prepare for voiceless action.

Also, the game has an h-scene so be sure you’re 18+.

The game has an official walkthrough in japanese, and I might translate it, but it would be great if you tried to play without one.

You can download the patch here.

If anyone has problems with Mega, here is the yandex.disc link. If the site doesn’t automatically switch to english, you can do it in the bottom right corner.

Just unpack it into the game directory.

You can buy the game here: http://www.nitroplus.co.jp/game/10-sabatonabe/

If you find bugs, typos or some cases of very bad grammar, write me, we’ll see.

I tried the game on Windows XP, W10 and W7 and it works fine withouta japanese locale. If it doesn’t work for you, write me. We’ll see how to fix that.

Oh, the game executable might get sandboxed by your antivirus so be sure to whitelist it.

I’m also working on another translation right now. I think I’ll announce it and ask for editors help when it is near completion.

So go an enjoy the last chapter of Hanachirasu story! And remember:Kaigen is love. Kaigen is life!

P.S. Wrote gameplay tips. Check this out!

19 thoughts on “Kaigen Seito translation released”

  1. Wow, cant believe that its translated. Been waiting since I finished the “true” route, probably 6+ years now.

    Thanks a lot and good job on it 😉


    1. Glad to be of help. That means my struggle was not for naught. =)
      Hope you enjoy this one too.
      And hopefully this will dissuade you from giving up on Muramasa, the true Narahara’s masterpiece.


    1. Nitroplus old engine. I used Extractdata to unpack the game archives but if you want to translate it, you only need to modify the files that come in a patch I guess. There may be problems with supporting non-
      latin letters though. When I tried inserting Russian text, it didn’t work for shit.


    1. What do you mean not properly? I don’t think I can do anything with the font. I tried changing it in different system files but it just wouldn’t change so I don’t really know how to help you.


  2. Can someone tell me the tower numbers. I can’t access it.
    I even looked at Nitro+ guide (1-9-5-8-4-7-3-6-2-10) but it does nothing.


    1. Well that’s because I changed the order in the localization.

      I don’t really remember the order but try to write down the Nth word on each floor in the column, where N is floor number and you should get it.


      1. I really have no idea how to solve the tower puzzle ive tried using the floor number to pick words from the red sentences but to no avail.
        Any tips? also what do you mean with “column”


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