Gameplay tips for Kaigen Seito

A few tips to avoid suffering throughout KS.

  1. You can easily die, and when you do, you are brought to a title screen, so be sure to save. A lot! This can be overturned by a trick though. If you die in a fight, you can load any save with a Novel mode ongoing(as in, no choices are present on the screen) and then use the right mouse click to select “Return to the previous choice”. You will be brought to the last turn of the battle before you died. The HP will be the same though so watch out.
  2. The battle is random. What I mean is that the action that the opponent selects is always random. There is no pattern. However, the probability of each attack type differs. One would more probably use Sen, the other Sen-no-sen, etc. So you should understand what kind of attack each enemy type likes and just spam the one that is superior to his preferred move.
  3. You can(and should) withdraw. You don’t have to fight enemies till your last breath. If you see that they can kill you next turn with unlucky selection, you should flee. Flee, rest until full hp, then go fight. If an enemy attack you during your recuperation, just flee him again. This is not a noble samurai simulator, this is a zombiecalipsis.
  4. With levels, you gain attack and defense. Even if you select an attack type predominant to the enemy, he will still hurt you if his stats are higher, so grind up! As a rule of a thumb, you should grind enemies in the current area untill they start giving 2-3 XP. At that time you can have a go at the boss of the area. If you don’t mind grinding, you can grind another level and then the enemies will start giving 1 XP and it turns useless. It’s a good idea to grind before you move to the next area because the enemies get stronger each area.
  5. Save consumables for bosses cause in most cases you can’t run away from them. Just “Rest” repeatedly.
  6. Equip the equipment as soon as you get it, dammit! It matters. Go to status menu and just do it. Unfortunately, you have to cycle through each body part every time you want to equip something. Alas.
  7. Explore the map. Visit every corner. There are items and important events. If in doubt what to do, go and talk to Itsurin. She is smart.
  8. There are 3 levels of each special technique. It’s best to get one  development tree maxed before learning the others because at the 3rd level the technique has a special effect. Sen-no-sen one has a fixed probability to instakill(doesn’t work on bosses). Sen one doesn’t have a penalty towards go-no-sen. Go-no-sen one fully restores HP.

So in short – save, grind, equip.

That’s all. May the kenjutsu be with you!

Kaigen Seito translation released

Hi, warriors.

Rejoice, as the complete translation of Kaigen Seito is released.

Kaigen Seito is a VN minigame with RPG elements set after the events of True Kaigen ending of minigame Kaigen’s ambition.

Unfortunately, the game has no voices and I failed to insert voices from Kaigen’s ambition(there is a recap of KA events so I thought I could just use them in a script, but alas) so prepare for voiceless action.

Also, the game has an h-scene so be sure you’re 18+.

The game has an official walkthrough in japanese, and I might translate it, but it would be great if you tried to play without one.

You can download the patch here.

If anyone has problems with Mega, here is the yandex.disc link. If the site doesn’t automatically switch to english, you can do it in the bottom right corner.

Just unpack it into the game directory.

You can buy the game here:

If you find bugs, typos or some cases of very bad grammar, write me, we’ll see.

I tried the game on Windows XP, W10 and W7 and it works fine withouta japanese locale. If it doesn’t work for you, write me. We’ll see how to fix that.

Oh, the game executable might get sandboxed by your antivirus so be sure to whitelist it.

I’m also working on another translation right now. I think I’ll announce it and ask for editors help when it is near completion.

So go an enjoy the last chapter of Hanachirasu story! And remember:Kaigen is love. Kaigen is life!

P.S. Wrote gameplay tips. Check this out!